Delivering Timely NAVs with the i+X Approach

Commitment to innovation is crucial in the fund administration industry, and adaptability is a major key to staying ahead of the curve. As such, Opus is shifting the way we approach NAV delivery.

For many fund administrators, NAV delivery cycles are based on a set T+X timeline. While fixed delivery dates may sound great since they establish a calendar date by which NAVs are due, we believe they set unrealistic expectations and often lead to frustration by both the fund and the admin. We believe the T+X structure is fundamentally flawed in that it completely ignores key factors that contribute to NAV production – “inputs”. When pressured to hit calendar date deliverables, the pressure felt by admins often leads them to simply deliver NAVs too quickly, relying on client reviews, which potentially leads to major oversights or missed inputs. Looking to a more efficient and effective process, Opus has chosen instead to operate on a floating i+x NAV delivery cycle, based on when inputs are received. We find that this approach results in a “win-win” for us and our clients.