Opus Business Continuity Plan

The importance of having a strong business continuity plan (BCP) cannot be understated. Opus is on the cutting edge of preparedness, and we take full advantage of our ability to access data from anywhere, at any time, regardless of device—allowing us to deliver financial documents, address hundreds of fund audits, and meet tight deadlines with ease, even when disaster strikes.

Our dedicated Business Continuity Team is responsible for managing the processes that protect Opus’s assets and data, allowing us to support and recover critical business functions efficiently and with minimal notice. Our strategy involves utilizing local measures to increase resiliency and leveraging our international presence to support our recovery plans.

When approaching BCP, Opus uses a 1-2-3 designation. Control Rule 1 disaster has no impact on business operations. Under this category, Opus continues with routine workflow or processes. When a disaster has an impact on business operations, Control Rule 2 kicks off our compensating controls process. During maximum impact disasters that render a location non-operational, Control Rule 3 involves the compensating controls process and relocating key man tasks based on a thorough business impact analysis. This planning tool assures that, even when we close the office location for the safety of employees, we meet all reporting and deliverable deadlines.

Our Cyber Security team has implemented additional controls for the smooth, secure execution of the 1-2-3 Control Rule. Our BCP testing is completed on a quarterly schedule involving each location. Regular testing validates the viability of recovery plans and procedures and increases the readiness of staff and resources for live execution in the event of an emergency. During testing, the Business Continuity Team also discusses our running log of test and real-world scenarios to ensure that any required revisions are made in advance. Our seamless transition into remote operations in the wake of COVID-19 is a testament to our BCP, as well as our dedication to providing top quality services to clients.