Opus Fund Services Announces New Treasury Solutions Feature in Symphony

Opus is pleased to announce a new client-facing Treasury Solutions feature, “Bank Activity Issues”, in our proprietary client dashboard, Symphony.

The new functionality securely shares bank transactional records missing crucial identifying information. The timely provision of missing information by clients ensures accurate reconciliation of bank accounts; avoiding delays in the delivery a client’s NAV.

During the daily reconciliation process, the Opus Treasury Solutions team may identify a transaction that requires client input. An automated email notification will be produced, asking the client to visit the Bank Activity Issues screen in Symphony and provide an updated explanation.  

The introduction of this new feature is incredibly beneficial to clients; not only does it offer real time transparency for clients to view all activity pending crucial identifying information, but it reduces tedious email conversations. All in a cyber secure medium for sharing and receiving information.

If you have any questions regarding this feature, please reach out to Treasury Solutions at treasurysolutions@opusfundservices.com.